MEGA POST! Worth the read!

Bare with us, today has been a busy day thanks to some wonderful friends!:-) Thank God my wife Kristen was off work!
Today we had the goal to take a few more supplies to Polk County Animal Control. We loaded up towels, toys treats, grooming supplies, collars, harnesses, shampoo, e-collar and 8 bags of food.

Then we got in touch with our friends at Sassy Paws Pet Boutique and they donated 5 bags of food and some awesome toys!

Then our friends at Costco donated 2 bags of cat litter

Then…yes it gets better, our Friends at Top Dogs Pet Boutique donated 12 bags of food!
So our vehicle looked liked this when we we headed out for Polk County AC
Then, Kristen gets there and unloads and gets to meet some of the awesome pups that came into Polk County AC. #DonateHUHA

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