About HUHA

We are NOT a rescue group, we do not rehabilitate nor do we foster ( however, many of us have rescued our current little friends we have at home ).

We ARE a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides much needed RELIEF to animal rescue, rehabilitation, relocation and fostering organizations and individuals. At HUHA, we want to give back to all the wonderful, dedicated and passionate people, like yourself, that has spent so many hours and money out of your own pocket just to give a moment of hope to a little friend. For that, we salute you! As we grow in number, it is our mission to provide volunteers on site, marketing and awareness, fundraising relief, tools to organize volunteers with organizations and events as well as provide much needed supplies.

In order to do these things, we need people like you to Help Us Help Animals by spreading the word about us, volunteering to join our team, donating whatever you can whether it be a crate you are no longer using, a collar, bedding, food or the much needed cleaning supplies like laundry detergent, paper towels, bleach and Clorox wipes ( see our wishlist for rescues and fosters here ).

We are currently located throughout the Atlanta, Georgia area. At this time, we can only provide relief for the state of Georgia but don’t worry, we are growing and hope to have locations across the country.

Want to donate pet supplies, food? Contact us here!

If you want to volunteer at HUHA, AWESOME! Contact us here

Have an organization that needs/wants our help? Submit it here!

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