Emergencies and Smaller Pets

Emergency Preparedness For Small Animals

Having an emergency plan before disaster strikes, is essential. Visit our resource page for dogs, cats and small animals. For larger animals, visit here.

What if you have birds, reptiles or smaller pets? Here is information to help your smaller family members.

Emergencies and Birds

  • Birds should be transported in a secure travel cage or carrier.
  • In cold weather, ensure you have a blanket over your pet’s cage. This may also help reduce the stress of traveling.
  • In warm weather, carry a spray bottle to periodically moisten your bird’s feathers.
  • Have recent photos available and keep your bird’s leg bands on for identification.
  • If the carrier does not have a perch, line it for paper towels that you can change frequently.
  • Keep the carrier in as quiet an area as possible.
  • It is particularly imperative that birds eat on a daily basis, so purchase a timed feeder. If you need to leave your bird unexpectedly, the feeder will ensure his daily feeding schedule.
  • Items to keep on hand: Catch net, heavy towel, blanket or sheet to cover cage, cage liner.

Emergencies and Reptiles

  • A snake may be transported in a pillowcase, but you should have permanent and secure housing for him when you reach a safe place.
  • Take a sturdy bowl that is large enough for your pet to soak in. It’s also a good idea to bring along a heating pad or other warming device, such as a hot water bottle.
  • Lizards can be transported like birds (see above).
  • Have enough food and water for them.

Emergencies and Smaller Animals

  • Small animals, such as hamsters, gerbils, mice and guinea pigs, should be transported in secure carriers with bedding materials, food and food bowls. A small cat carrier could work for guinea pigs. There are special carriers for safe transport of hamsters and similarly sized pets.
  • Have a week’s worth of food and water.
  • Have a current photo for each pet.
  • Items to keep on hand: Salt lick, extra water bottle, small hidebox or tube, a week’s worth of bedding or newspapers.

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