The end of the year, the beginning of something big!

As the tail end of 2014 comes to an end, we reflect on the short time we have had this year to accomplish our goals. went live on the web on 10/11/2014. We became incorporated 11/17/2014. So in just two months we have collected ( more than this ) and distributed the following:

  • 4 carriers
  • 50+ bedding/blankets
  • 35 bowls
  • 25 cans of wet dog food
  • 24 cans wet cat food
  • 63 large bags dry of dog food
  • 1 bag dry cat food
  • 2500+ boxes/bags of treats
  • 45+ dog toys
  • 8 cat toys
  • 40+ dog collars/leashes/harnesses
  • 5 cat collars
  • 2 cat scratching towers/posts
  • 1 litter box
  • 7 rolls of poop bags
  • 22 boxes of cat/dog medication ( preventative – Frontline/Revolution )

You can see our current inventory here.

This was accomplished in just two months! We are so looking forward to 2015!!! HUHA could not have done ANY of this without generous organizations and individuals donating and distributing these items. We would like to personally thank:

In such a short time, we have managed to meet many incredible people and lay down the building blocks for life long friendships.

From everyone at HUHA, we wish you all a wonderful New Year and look forward to 2015! #DonateHUHA

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