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If you are viewing this page and interested in joining us in our quest to provide relief to all these wonderful organizations and individuals, I just want to start off by saying thank you!

– If you are contacting HUHA to volunteer your time to provide onsite relief with animals or community service requirements, please visit Our Friends page and select an organization we work with that interests you.

– If you want to help HUHA directly, GREAT! HUHA needs your help. We are not only looking for labor related volunteers that do pickup/delivery but we need volunteers with specific skill sets that can Help Us Help Animals. Below are a few areas where we could use some help:

Pickup / delivery. Pick up is mostly local to the Acworth and Kennesaw area. I should say it has been limited to mostly due to the fact that I work from home and can only leave in short time spans. We do have a few places that are farther away where we can collect large donations in a planned event. On the delivery side we have been limited to local again because of my availability. I would love for this to change because our ultimate goal with HUHA is to not only cut expenses for these groups but also time spent. So if we can take donations to them and drop them off it saves them additional time and travel. The caveat to this is if they want to come check out inventory as they often will leave with more stuff than they thought they wanted once they see what we have 😁

Marketing. This is outside my wheelhouse. I built our website, I built our Facebook, designed our logo, business cards, t-shirts and magnets with a “less is more” approach. I don’t have time to go much farther with this area. Someone better suited would be welcomed.

Networking. This is an area where we could definitely strengthen. I have grown our network of rescue groups and I have grown our network of donors but there are so many other areas we could reach. For example I would like to somehow reach and build relationships with sponsors where we could get donations like bleach or laundry detergent or paper towels donated at a larger level. Feed stores where we could potentially get donations of chicken feed or livestock feed for some of the farm sanctuaries we are now affiliated with. You kind of get the idea.

Social media and website posting. This takes up a lot of my time. I used to have a Twitter account but I removed it as I’m not a fan of that platform. We have a Facebook and Instagram. My current workflow is take a photo of the donations either coming in or going out, I dictate in a note app on my phone the organization and all the donations going to them or the person ( first name only )and the donations coming in. I put this in an email that I sent to myself so that I have access to it from a computer. Once I am home I log into our website and build up a post for the donations received or delivered. Our website is built off of a WordPress content management system that has a lot of built-in powerful tools one of which is a social media plug-in that automatically takes the post and shares it to Facebook. I then have to go to Facebook and edit the post in order to tag the organization that we donated to because this does not happen automatically. I do this in the attempt to broaden our reach to their followers. I do this for every donation that comes in and goes out and if you follow us you can see that sometimes we donate to 5 or more organizations in a single day plus take donations in. This can be extremely time-consuming on top of everything else. I have a screen capture video walking through step-by-step the process that I use for anyone that is interested in this. Even if you don’t know WordPress this video explains step-by-step what everything does so you can take your time and learn it. My hope is the person who decides to take on this position is somewhat savvy with internet and social media to begin with and they can bring more than just what I’ve been doing to the table. Our Facebook page and our Instagram also contain funny cute meme photos and videos of animals. We do not do negative posts nor do we do the horror show sad neglect posts. We do not allow fundraising posts from other individuals and organizations on our page. No GoFundMe posts. We do not post adoption posts or this pet needs a home posts from other organizations as this would open a Pandora’s box and no one would ever see the relevant information which drives the purpose of our organization which is to collect and distribute supplies. I can go into more detail when the time comes with the individual that would like to take on this role for now this will do. 😁👍

Grant writing and fundraising. Anyone who knows about these things really well, we already love you because we don’t 🤣😂🤣 and could definitely use the help!

Video, video editing – later on I would like to use this position to raise awareness. Not to record donations but instead to do high quality videos that can be shared to educate people. For example I would love to take one or two rescue groups that would agree to this and show up first thing in the morning and follow them around and record their routine on the morning of an adoption event. To show how much work goes into feeding and cleaning loading set up just to get the animals to the point where you can walk by and see them at an adoption event. I have found that the average person doesn’t even comprehend what goes on behind the scenes. This is especially true when I tell them we collect laundry detergent and cleaning supplies. They often seem surprised or shocked until I explain to them how much goes on behind the scenes that most people don’t realize. I would love to put this in front of people in a professional, concise way.

I’m sure there’s more opportunities for volunteering within our small organization that is currently growing, but for now, I think the above will give you the hundred foot view of where you might be able to help us.

Hopefully if I can free up more of my time, I could even start offering my photography services to various groups. I specialize in macro photography but I also love taking photos of animals!

If you have a special talent, knowledge or just want to help, wonderful! Contact us below and someone will reach out to you ASAP. And again, thank you. Alternatively, you can join our closed Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HUHAVolunteers/

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