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If you are viewing this page and interested in joining us in our quest to provide relief to all these wonderful organizations and individuals, I just want to start off by saying thank you.

Without people like you, this page, this website, this endeavor is pointless. HUHA needs your help. We are not only looking for labor related volunteers that show up and provide relief but we need volunteers with specific skill sets that can Help Us Help Animals. Accounting, bookkeeping, taxes, graphic design, web development, writers/editors, marketing specialists…you get the idea. We not only need writers and editors for HUHA but our parent company Wet Dynamite as well.

If you are contacting HUHA to volunteer your time to provide onsite relief, we are only accepting volunteers in the state of Georgia at this time as this is where we are located. As we grow, we will add more and more states and cities to our list that we support.

If you have a special talent, knowledge or just want to help, wonderful! Contact us below and someone will reach out to you ASAP. And again, thank you.

Please include your shirt size, sex ( shirts come in male and female styles ) and your availability as well as a contact # we can reach you

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