Donations received – Thanks Peggy and WGUE!

Yesterday HUHA got a visit from our good friend Peggy. She had a bunch of donations for us that her West Georgia Ukulele Ensemble had collected at their last concert as a fundraiser for HUHA! They not only collected a bunch of items at the door from our wish list but also cash!

Here’s what they got: Clorox disinfectant wipes, Lysol disinfectant wipes, paper towels, inside cage bird feeding bowls, peanut butter, an outfit, harnesses, 2 bags of puppy food, 1 bag of adult dog food, bird seed, a tarp, 3 bags dry cat food, dental chew treats, scrub sponges, disposable latex gloves, blankets, towels, bunch of treats/chew bones, administrative items :pencils rubber bands on envelopes post-it notes, and $141 cash!!!


Thank you very much to Peggy Killian and the West Georgia Ukulele Ensemble for all of these wonderful donations and thinking of HUHA! What a great group of people to put this together and surprise us! #DonateHUHA


Be sure to check out their group


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