Donations received – Rob’s Rescues!

Today HUHA made some new friends! Irene and Rob from Rob’s Rescues dropped off 4 bags full of sheets, blankets and towels! How cool is that? #DonateHUHA

But it gets better…I was not familiar with a rescue by this name and was ready to offer our services until they handed me their card and magazine, then I realized I had seen this name before in the Around Acworth magazine! He has been writing articles educating and advocating for shelter animals for the past 5 years!

Excerpt from their website: ( )

Rob’s Rescues

A boy’s mission to Write, Interview, Educate and Advocate for Shelter Animals and Urban Wildlife Coexistence.

Rob’s Rescues Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit company.

Since 2014 Rob has written a monthly column in local magazines advocating for shelter animals. He also publishes his interviews with a wide range of people from politicians, policemen, animal rescues, wildlife rehabilitators, disaster specialists and others.

Rob also collects pet food and supplies for shelters and people in need in the community.

I am so pumped to meet them! While they were here, they interviewed us and we may be in an upcoming article :-). Very impressed with what Rob is doing. Be sure to check out their facebook page and follow what he does!

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