Donations delivered to 6 groups! Lisa you rock!

Today HUHA got a visit from our friend Lisa to pick up for multiple rescues. It started off as a couple but as the networking kicked in, she loaded up her van for 6 different groups from all over! Not only that, she came bearing gifts! Lisa brought us some homemade SALSA ( and she brought chips )!!!!

HUHA donated and Lisa is transporting :

Save the horses: 3 boxes of apples, bags of carrots

Canine Cellmates: treats, wet wipes, canned food

The Grey Project: 4 bags of cat food, some canned food, a cat tree, post-it notes, treats and two bags of cat litter

Georgia Animal Project: laundry detergent, syringes, insulin needles, canned cat food, cans dog food, cat treats

Project Chimps: large load of grapes and 3 boxes of apples ( transporting to Jasper to meet a volunteer )

Ruff Dog Rescue: Crate bowls and mounts,small animal play pen, raised bed


HUHA gave Lisa a bag of fresh veggies from our garden as a thank you. What an awesome community! Thanks Lisa!!! #DonateHUHA

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