Donation delivered – 2 rescue groups

Today was a true test of patience. On top of chronic back pain, we got a flat tire while out on a pick up call. Then our spare turned out to be flat. Once we got two new tires on the truck, made it home with the donations, unloaded, we coordinated a delivery to the new location of Papayago Rescue House and also our friend Mari to pick up for Calima Paca & Piggies Rescue. On the way there, this time in Kristen’s vehicle, the gas pedal no longer worked, a light came on the dash that said check owner’s manual. Are you kidding me????

We pulled over and all it said was drive train issues call dealership immediately. Well, we shut off the Flex. Sat for a bit. Then Kristen started the Flex back up and no warnings, no messages so we continued on our mission to deliver the produce. We finally made it to the new location and were greeted by happy volunteers that helped unload!


HUHA donated this produce to Papayago Rescue House

HUHA donated this produce to Calima Paca & Piggies Rescue

Time for some rest!

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