Donations delivered to some pregger pups!

HUHA was visited by a foster friend of ours today. They had 2 momma pups full of puppies they recently took on. HUHA loaded them up with everything they needed plus some cat supplies for a cat foster near them and also a few items donated to us that are not rescue related. Every little bit helps! #DonateHUHA

HUHA donated:

  • 5 bags of treats
  • 6 cases of canned dog food
  • 4 large bags of dog food
  • A stack of towels
  • 3 packs of q tips
  • Large pack air freshener plugins
  • what the heck, here’s more canned food
  • 4 bottles of toilet cleaner
  • 2 containers of cat food
  • 1 dog bed

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