2nd public hearing-Cobb County tethering ordinance!

Last evening HUHA attended the 2nd public hearing-Cobb County tethering ordinance and our good friends at BAAAN were there. So we dropped off a bag of dog food and 2 bags of cat food for them. While we were there, we met Haley from Atlanta Lab Rescue and she donated 8 new fleece blankets!!! #DonateHUHA

The hearing was extended to a 3rd meeting which is scheduled for April 25th 7pm at 100 Cherokee St. N.E., Marietta Square.

Even if you are not a Cobb County resident, please make your voice heard. These pups don’t have a voice. Be their champion!

Cobb County is WAY behind the surrounding counties on this topic and we need to come together and make our voices heard. Please take a moment and email your commissioners at their addresses below…

Please let them know that you are certain specifics –
1. NO unsupervised tethering
2. Better defined regulation regarding “adequate” shelter
3. Better defined regulation regarding “inclement weather”
4. Better enforcement of current and future animal treatment laws

Email: mike.boyce@cobbcounty.org

We need to let them know EXACTLY what we want and what these canines need! These emails show the concern and define our needs for the voiceless. Be open with your emotions and your concerns.

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