Thanks Lynn at the Aviary!

First off, sorry for your loss. Losing a pup is always hard. Thank you guys so much for thinking of HUHA for donating your pet supplies. We promise it will all find a good home and go to pups that need it.

Lynn donated:


  • Multiple dog beds
  • e collar
  • a cooling mat
  • three bowls and a rubber bowl mat
  • a large bag filled with a ton of toys and chew bones
  • a couple of brushes and grooming supplies
  • dog food
  • treats, dentastix and pill pockets
  • retractable leash and harness
  • pack of poop bags
  • boxes of NexGard and Heartgard (25-60lbs )
  • a large metal crate

Thanks Lynn! #DonateHUHA

img_20161114_072210 img_20161114_072218 img_20161114_072244

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