Submit Your Organization to HUHA

10613-300x224Do you have an organization that rescues, rehabilitates, relocates or fosters animals? Great! We hope we can help!

You MUST be a licensed rescue or 501(c)(3) or one of their fosters ( or recommended to us by one  ) in order receive our services.

Please submit your info below. Tell us your story, and give us a way to contact you. If we can help, we will. At the very least, we can provide a link on our website for our subscribers and visitors to visit your website and read about your mission.

It is our goal to build relationships with any and all organizations helping animals that need help. As of now, we are just a few and have limited resources but we are determined and we will grow in number! Read about HUHA here.

Please download, fill out and sign our agreement form and return to us either by scanning and emailing it to us at or bring it to us when we next meet.HUHA, Inc. Donation Recipient Agreement

* Your Organization, Your Name and Position (* fields required)

If 501(c)(3) provide your EIN

If you are a foster reaching out on behalf of a rescue, Please provide references below to the rescue with contact info

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