A visit from friends

Yesterday HUHA had a couple of visitors, Dean our good friend at Biker’s Against Animal Abuse & Neglect ( BAAAN ) and our neighborhood flock guardian Khan 🙂

Khan, the anatolian shepherd in our neighborhood stopped by for some belly rubs 🙂

and while he was there HUHA donated to BAAAN. HUHA donated

  • 3 bags of food
  • 1 large bed
  • pack of dove soap
  • large gravity bowl
  • a case of flea and tick preventative
  • bottle of Lysol
  • bottle of clorox
  • 2 bottles of laundry detergent
  • bag of cat litter
  • bottle of bleach
  • box of trash bags
  • 2 packs of wet wipes

Always great to have visitors! #DonateHUHA

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