Meet Tahiti

We got a message from Sherry at Cherokee County Humane Society. She is fostering a cutie pie named Tahiti. Tahiti is a 8 week old female puppy that was born without knee caps and her hips are not connected. She drags her lower half around. Sherry reached out to HUHA to see if we could help and you know what? We can and will thanks to your donations! We are going to get this for Tahiti and your wonderful donations this past week has given us the opportunity to do this for Tahiti.

The X-small option ( $167 )

We want to thank Sherry and the wonderful people at Cherokee County Humane Society for all the wonderful work they do and for giving this sweet girl a second chance!

Tahiti with the wheelchair! Look at her go!

The money we raised the past week was for food to replenish our inventory for rescues and fosters. We hope that we can get more donations to replenish these funds going to Tahiti so we can still go shopping for food.

Thank you for your continued support helping us, help animals! #DonateHUHA

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