BAAAN & the American Legion Post 145 fundraising event

Our good friends Biker’s Against Animal Abuse & Neglect’s 1st annual bike ride was this past Sunday, May 22nd in Douglasville, Ga.. BAAAN & the American Legion Post 145 put on an awesome fundraising event with vendors, rescues, a DJ and a clown. HUHA got to meet some great folks and make some new furry friends! We loaded up 2 vehicles with donations and silent auction gift baskets and had a blast!

Thank you for the use of your tent BAAAN!

HUHA donated:

Laundry detergent, baby wipes, bags of cat food, bags of dog food, dental chews, collars, harnesses, treats, many rolls of paper towels, case of canned dog food, many bowls AND while we were there, a friend stopped by and donated a small orthopedic dog bed. Get this, her name was Peggy and not an hour later the bed was donated to a rescue that has a special needs dog, wait for it…..named PEGGY! Crazy talk!

All around a wonderful turnout with good people doing good things. A special shout out to our new friends at Along Came a Rescue Inc.! #DonateHUHA


Here are a few photos from the event.

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